I-Tera Care


Very good,for treating cough and colds. Including bacteria and viruses. Especially if you upper and lower respiratory infections. Blow at the nose, throat and chest areas. It works even for covid19. I am a covid 19 positive patient and I know.

Beauty is that simple. Do a facial massage
and turn your face into a V shape.

2 years stroke patient can move his limbs after therapy with iTeraCare Pro.


Syukur Nikmat dipilih oleh Allah SWT dengan Berkat dan Rahmat untuk guna alat iTeracare buat terapi utk kesihatan jasmani dan rohani. Sihat walafiat melakukan ibadat kehidupan rutin seharian.

He has Gall bladder stones. Doctor told him
that he has to remove gall bladder. He getting relieve from his pain just after using iTeraCare Pro for 10 minutes.

Chronic varicose veins diseases. iTeraCare Pro blows the effect for a week. The most important thing is that there is no need to go to the hospital for surgery.


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